Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 4

Okay, I've got to say that since I began writing my manuscript a little over a year ago I've read many a book. And I've learned SOOOOO much from reading books and even listening to Audiobooks. If some of the books I've read can get published-then my manuscript (at some point in the not so distant future) should have NOOOO problem getting published. Some of the books I've read and finished and then asked myself , "um...did I miss the plot?" Which leads me to a personal gripe.

If something in a story is totally unrealistic, how can I give credence to the remaining part of it? Here is my for instance: Yesterday I started listening to a new audiobook. The female lead has met, jumped in the sack with and fallen in love with the male lead within the first two hours of meeting him. Here you have two characters that know absolutely NOTHING about the other-they've merely been thrown into a perilous situation together and suddenly they're jumping each other. Would this-in any sane, normal persons life really happen? I think not. (It hasn't happened to this writer). Now, if this were about two dogs, a female in heat and a male with only the desire to procreate, I wouldn't have a problem believing it. Maybe I should keep listening to the book and just pretend the leads are dogs?

Okay, enough ranting.

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