Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 1-My little blogger thingie

Hello world! This is day 1 of my blog. Why do I feel compelled to add a stardate or maybe record this entry in military time? Nevermind...I've chosen to call this my blogger thingie since I'm learning on the fly. Setting up this blog in an effort to broaden my horizon a bit...perhaps make some friends in the clandestine world of writers and maybe find something to hold on to in this sea of self-doubt.

Why write you ask? Well, why not? Mom always said I had an overactive imagination-so I might as well put it to use.

I'm working on editing and whittling (technical Southern writing term) my manuscript into a more savory bit of fiction. I'll write more about my manuscript later-suffice it to say I'll probably bore some folks to tears.



  1. This is my second comment where I let Gail know how I feel about her and her book.Gail has done a magnificent job of writing, She is going to find a way to get this published. The first page of your blog I saw had a place that you could sign up to be number 1 fan and I intend to be your number 1 fan, Gail, find that first page, it's got to be floating around somewhere.