Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 2

I spoke with an editor via email yesterday. My first step up to the edge of the cliff overlooking the harbor where writers, editors, agents and publishers steam in and out all day. Her name was Cassandra and I was so excited she didn't bite my head off and spit it out! LOL. She ended up answering several questions that I'd had floating around in my head and the information she provided was very helpful!

As for contacting someone in the industry, I suppose I've been nuturing a fear of all things in the writing industry and seeing everyone out there as being either cutthroat, malicious, intellectually stuck-up or maybe some combination of the three. I've heard so many things like, "oh, be prepared to send your manuscript to (insert large number here) agents before anyone will look at it." That's fairly disheartening news to a person who has spent the better part of a year at a keyboard typing a story, revising the plot, editing grammar, etc. So Cassandra proved to me that editors are humans-she was very kind and I'll send her all the business I can!

Well, I made a promise to my mom that I wouldn't stop trying to see to it that my manuscript makes it into print and I'm going to do my best to honor that. She believes in me-and I accused her she did so because she was my mom. She swears up and down she would never lie to me about books. She's read her fair share of them and insists that while my manuscript might not hit the best seller list, it is definitely a story worth reading. I know I can trust her judgment in that respect-she's read more books than I could reasonably shake a stick at!

Well, back to whittling on my manuscript. .. ~Gail

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