Friday, June 11, 2010

Looking back...

I've reached a pinnacle in my life and the view from here is, well...somedays pretty nice and some days I look back in the valley that I just climbed out of.  I go through a myriad of emotions when I look back.  When I look back here is a small some of what I see:

Days spent in the hot summer sun, floating in a pool or climbing trees.  Climbing one branch higher just so I could peak over the edge of a nest to see the baby robins and laugh when they screamed out for food.  I also see standing barefoot in the middle of a creek and enjoying the feel of slick sand and smooth pebbles under my feet as the cool water ran over them.  I see hours spent riding motorcycles and camping out while in the company of good friends...almost to the point they were like family.  I also see riding in a canoe in a mountain stream and thinking it was the most wonderful thing in the world and how lucky I was to get to ride in it.  I didn't have to paddle-that was great in itself.  I see visiting national parks from the mountains to the coast and learning about all sorts of fantastic things out of doors.  I see picnics eaten at tables set up on the side of the road and getting to share in a bucket of KFC-I wonder if it's just me but I remember KFC tasting so much better back then.  Hot dogs and ice slushies from Kearney's hot dog stand and bread burgers from Jimmy's BBQ.  Chicken pie suppers (yes-there was alot of good food down in the valley I'm seeing now!) and food cooked on the grill.  Trips to the airport where Dad would buy us each a bottled Coke and a 3 Muskateers bar before taking us "around the pattern" once or twice. 

These are a smidgen-just a few of the things I remember and can see when I look back in that valley.  I know I shouldn't be so preoccupied with the way things were...I should be looking ahead-there's obviously more mountain to climb.  I know I can't turn around and go back into the valley...I've got to keep climbing.  I'm hoping someday I'll look back when I reach that next pinnacle and look back to see things in this valley that make me feel as happy as those that came before.


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  1. Believe me Gail.the valleys can be bittersweet but trust me when I say that lifes mountains and valleys are all to be treasured because you gain so much from all of them.The highs are so much fun and the valleys are for learning.I know that you are a Christian but please don't wait to long to find another home church.Not going can get to be a habit.I love you and want to be with you and your family in Heaven.